first christian church


   Throughout the school year, children ages 3 through 4th grade are invited to Worship and Wonder on Sunday morning.  This program begins when the children leave the sanctuary after the children’s sermon.  They are greeted at the door of the Worship and Wonder room and asked by name if they are ready for worship.  Then they gather around the story rug where a second adult is waiting to lead them into a bible story experience using all sorts of materials to engage their imaginations.  They are given opportunities to ask questions and explore the story in age-appropriate ways. 

     Following story time, they have work to do……, clay, craft, or perhaps working on a past story on their own.  When their work is done, they gather once again around the story rug to share their “feast” of juice or water, goldfish crackers and cheese sticks.  They participate in the blessing of the feast and then enjoy eating together and sharing fellowship with their adult story teller and the other children.   They have fellowship and singing until the adult who brought them picks them up. 

      Worship and Wonder stories are engaging and introduce the children to Jesus, bible characters, places, situations, and parables in meaningful and imaginative ways.  Our children love to come to Worship and Wonder!